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Tilt not working despite trying everything in the book (please help)
399 0 2019-1-28
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United States

This is annoying. Everyone on youtube and even reviews on B&H have this gimbal as being amazing and I'm sure it is but I've never had to send a product back twice. I'm starting to wonder if DJI released a bunch of bad baked cookies when they had that sale....  This has cost me 2-3 weeks now of wait time and now possibly 4. I have clients that are waiting to film and I've had to delay some of them because I can't film without it.

Its 4 times worse than the previous one I had posted here before   
Here's a video from the first ronin-s I had:    

From both a community page and here on the forums from the engineers and staff they said to send it back and replace it. Imagine the shaking but 4 times worse to the point of looking hand held.

I've done everything in the book, but the tilt is 90% of the time a good (not excellent) despite every adjustment I make. I've calibriated both the system and the joystick mulitple times, updated the firmware, downgraded the firmware, upgraded individually each update one at a time but it looks horrible. And yes ibis was not on. I autotune after every change. I deteled the app and re-downloaded it. All axis' are clearly fine.  Anything I'm doing wrong before I send this back? I'm not going to spend another week like the last one trying to see if it works. If anyone has any last suggestions before I send this back please help.
Use props
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