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532 0 2019-1-29
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Flight distance : 5948264 ft
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United States

Well...I learned one thing today about the antennas. If your flying out at a distance it gets much better reception with the antennas turned to the down position...not up and not stowed. Of course it shows this in the tutorial but I bet not many paid any attention to it. So today I went out about 2 miles and started to lose reception and returned with some deviation to run the battery down. Then I just happened to stumble accross the hey stupid, heres the way you're suppose to have the anttenas pointed  video clip. Went back out to the same exact spot and still had 5 bars so I went further and actually hit 18,000 feet before turning around. I elevated up to 399 feet on the way. Only thing to remember is checking the wind so you have enough battery to get back and yes I was in an unpopulated just a reminder tip.
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