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Gimbal Disconnected after last update not happy £435 repair bill
420 1 2019-1-30
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Hi all,

Well after not using my mavic pro for a couple of months i decided to take it out for a fly, when i turned it all on the dji go app told me my tx and mavic required and update so i let it do the update. after the update was installed the app was telling me the gimbal was disconnected, i could still fly the mavic and have live feed to the ipad but just zero camera function working ie record or take photo and all the settings were showing N/A and dji go was saying 'No SD card' even though one was installed, also the gimbal still worked fine and runs through the gimbal initialization process on startup.

I tried everything to resolve this but still no luck, new sd card, formatting sd card, downgraded the firmware etc etc etc. My mavic is two years old and only had 15 flights but was out of dji warranty so i sent it off to a uk dji approved repair company in the uk, after a week they got back to me and told me the mainboard was shot and needed replacing, so along with all the added charges etc I am looking at a repair bill of £435 to get my mavic fixed that was fine before the latest update. (also a further £60 for shipping and inspection)

I would like a DJI rep to reach out to me and tell me what they are going to do about this, a £1300 flymore combo only used 15 times can now develop a £435 faul just by updating?
the whole thing has left me feeling sick and seriously out of pocket. My mavic was never crashed and still on the original props and looked after like it was a child!. I have a feeling this is going to be a long road to walk with dji and not sure how it will turn out anyone who can offer me advice or help would be gladly accepted.

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Hi Jim. Sorry to read all the frustrations and troubles you had with your Mavic Pro repair case. I'd like to help you with this. Kindly PM us the associated case number ( CAS ) for us to check and see if there is anything that we might help you. Anticipating your patience and understanding. We will do our best for us to assist you. Thank you.
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