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New Enough to Doubt It's Equipment: HELP
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Flight distance : 3127 ft
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Being new to the Inspire 1 and the Zenmuse X5 I'm thinking the problem is not hardware but pilot error, but I'm familiar enough with Go and the manual  still think I'm the problem.

The problem: The X5 will no longer tilt. I had the C1 button programmed to switch  pan/tilt and it worked fine. For some reason I decdied to screw with this setting and switch pan/tilt to C2, but I cannot get the camera to tilt anymore.

My Troubleshooting:
1. switch pan/tilt back to C1. Still unable to tilt
2. assign  both C1 and C2 to change pan/tilt . . . still, no tilt
3. I verified both switches working, that is C1, C2, by assigning camera settings to each one (this is a visible test so you can see C1, C2 toggling)
4. Re-booted and started the Inspire 1/controller multiple times.
5. I detached and re-atached the X5 verifying it went thru self-check
6. Gone thru gimbal calibrate multiple times.

This is a brand-new, not used X5 so under warranty, but want to fly so this is a royal pain. Anyone? BTW, pan works flawlessly.
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