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Goggles and Waypoints 2.0 on Mavic 2 Pro dont work at the same time
611 2 2019-1-31
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Hi, today I tried the wapoints on my mavic 2 pro for the first time. When using POI, everything works as expected even though i was hoping for more smoothness crossing a waypoint in arc mode.
Then I tried a mission with the free heading so that i could point the drone freely and it works, but the camera pitch works diferently. It no longer keeps the pitch stop the rotation, instead, it always points back at 0º when you let go the pitch nob on the controller. In other words, the pitch knob on the controller no longer controls the rate of rotation, it controls the pitch angle.
Lastly, I tried the goggles and headtrack to move the camera during a mission. It simply doesnt work, once the mission starts, the goggles loose control over the gimbal (either in headtracking flight or headtracking gimbal mode).
This is a feature that i think all goggles users are expecting and I would be very happy to be able to fly a mission and be free to look around.
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Hi, I had the exact same question....headtrack stops working as soon as I turn on a waypoint route. Did you ever figure out how to resolve this issue? I totally agree that I think all goggle users would expect this to work.
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Hi - I have the same expectation.

Why does head tracking via the dji white goggles stop working when running a waypoint route?

I had ever anticipation that this would function, & this was my main reason for purchasing the goggles!

I have come hunting on the forum now, to see if anyone else had experienced the problem, & I am glad to find that I am not alone.

So far, I am very disappointed with my dji white goggle purchase, as I am also discovering that the smooth liveview option at 720P/60 doesn't work either.

I have quite a few dji products & have generally found them to function very well, it has been very disheartening to find that this doesn't appear to be the same for the goggles.

Please DJI, can you please acknowledge that these two points have been noted by your team & that they are being worked on?

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