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Anyone notice the new way point hard to accurate touch and access?
357 1 2019-1-31
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Is that only me or anyone else has the same experience?  I tried the new waypoint 2.0 with Smart controller and Mavic 2 Pro yesterday and found out touch screen sensitivity is very low once waypoint function open.  First it is almost impossible to drag a set waypoint to different location, and some button I have to press screen twice or three in order to get it react. I don't think thats system speed related as overall performance didn't like it is slowed.  In fact I feel like touch the function on screen which is not really located there.  
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No it seems OK to me, I have ran it on iOS iPad mini and the SRC and its about the same.

You have to be pretty accurate with you dabbing of the screen to select a waypoint. At first I was pressing on the waypoint but that allows you to drag it about. A touch is all that it needs to select the waypoint, once that is sorted it seems OK.
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