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License transfer lies
356 1 2019-2-1
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Before purchasing my DJI drone or Cinema DNG license I called to verify that it is transferable if a crash or total loss happened and the drone wasn't recovered as I knew that's the worst case scenario. I was told "yes" it can be so I made the move and committed to DJI. 6 months later and another $10,000 in ontop of the $20,000 I've spent, I had a crash where the drone was subsiquently stolen. I purchased a referbished drone that arrived malfunctioning. I sent that drone back for a replacement and after waiting an entire week after they received it, a replacement still wasn't sent. I cancelled that order and ordered a brand new from from Advexure in Los Angeles. After receiving it over attempted to have the license transfered only to be told they can't do it because it's not allowed. To find out I was lied to in order for them to make a sale really saddens me and makes me realize that this corruption case they're in the middle of is seriously I believe they are fradulantly telling people what they want to hear and then when you need the actual service and your past the 14 day return period the truth is dropped. Does anyone have any experience with transferring your license to a new drone when you didn't have your past drone with the license. I've read about people who had DJI do it over the assistance 2 application. Something is fishy here and I'm litterly broke trying to get a business going with thee drones. Any help would seriously help me out as I'm at the end of my wits. Thanks and apologies for any misunderstanding typing. I can't see all the way down my post as I type on my phone
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I sympathize with your situation, sorry for your unpleasant experience. For the license, just to clarify, if the crashed drone can be sent in and replaced by our official repair center, the license can be transferred to the new replacement. If the drone lost due to the malfunction of the drone, the license can be transferred to the new drone that we compensate.
But in your case, if the drone was stolen, I am sorry to tell that the license is not able to transfer for the new drone you purchased.
May I know your phone number when calling the support? I will forward your case to the proper team to investigate. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
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