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Am I Overthinking this, or . . .?
771 0 2019-2-2
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Having recently acquired the Zenmuse X5 and new to interchangeable lens (Phantom owner) I considered balancing the gimbal very important. I started with the Lumix 14-42 zoom to determine which prime lens I might most use, and now have the 45 mm Panasonic. SO WHERE AM I GOING WITH THIS? Balancing the gimbal.

I have a balancing ring but changing lenses the only way I have been able to balance the gimbal (perfectly, or as close to as possible) has been to affix glue (those soft dots that remove easily) on quarters, nickels, pennies on the rear and side of gimbal, if FRONT heavy. So far these two lenses with ND filter have been front heavy.

This whole process while not excessive nor difficult seems like something is wrong. And yes, I have the balancing ring but seems there must be a better way. Are there kits with non-ferric weights (not to affect compass) that cover a wide range of balancing issues for the X5 etc. or am I being overly fanatical in my quest to balance the gimbal. I might add, I don't think so as I was testing something, not in flight, where I quickly mounted a lens without balancing and withing 1 minute got a gimbal motor overload warning.

Again, what are you folks doing?
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