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542 1 2019-2-2
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I have tested the New RS-013 Power connector for the Ronin-S, with the Panasonic GH5S. It didn't work, camera says 'cannot use this battery in this camera' and shuts down after 3 seconds. When I use the same dummy battery with it's power supply (240v) the camera works perfectly.
The only thing I can assume from this, is that the Ronin-S and or RS-013 combination cannot supply the correct voltage or current to supply a GH5S or Presumably a GH5 (although I have not tested a GH5, the power requirements are identical). It wont even power up a G7.

And this leads me to wonder if DJI actually test things thoroughly before releasing them.

I am now left with the task of making my own power connector and risk voiding my warranty, or maybe just send the Ronin back and go with a Weebil or what ever it is called.

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Same here, dont know what equipment they made this cable for...
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