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New aircraft 1st flight
536 1 2015-6-5
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Flight distance : 12093 ft
United States

Got the new aircraft in and all looks ok. Wanted to see what FPV and fast yaw, flt, and climb would look like in video.  Here is why you should be in follow mode, and slow down all movements of aircraft and camera. Other than that, the flight was fun and got up to almost 500ft. Airport that I used to fly out of is only 5NM away so I need to stay below 500' for safety reasons. NFZ is not in effect, but I still don't want to hit a plane or get hit by one. At the 9 min mark, you can see the airport in the top right hand corner.

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I only watched a minute because the video quality was so bad! What is wrong with the phantom camera?? I have the same issue with mine, and I keep trying to follow others advice in setting up the camera. I don't know about you, but after spending around 1800 dollars Canadian on this machine, I expected better! I have flown only 15 flights or so, but I think I am taking mine back to the dealer and having them take a look. Not to mention all the disconnection problems! :@
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