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Flight distance : 46 ft

Hi there.

Most of the people use to operate the S-900 with two radios, one to control the drone itself, and another one to control the gimbal, camera and so on. In my case, i use the S-900 to place one thin nylon line between transmission lines towers.

It is quite common to have huge distances between the tower, sometimes more than one kilometer, and is very har to bring back the S-900 in these cases, the battery is almost over when it comes back.

My intention is to operate the S-900 with two pilots radios, so, I will take off with the drone towing the line, and when I arrive to the next tower, another pilot will assume the control of the S-900, landing the drone near by the destination tower.

How may I use, or bind, the two radios in such way that I can simple turn off one radio and turn on the another to assume the control of the drone?

I have two FUTABA 14 SG radio with me!

please help me to solve this matter, there must be a way to do that!!


2-8 05:54
Use props
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