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Sphere Panorama problem
195 0 2019-2-9
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United States

For some reason I am having a problem creating sphere panorama's. I just started playing with it a couple weeks ago and the first few were successful. Now the mavic captures all the images successfully. I fly it back, go into the editor in the DJI Go app it shows the thumbnail for it with the little globe on the corner. I click on the thumbnail it says stitching images with the bar across the bottom, completes that successfully but the only thing I can ever see is the original image that I clicked on. Both SD cards in the Drone and the tablet we're almost completely full, I thought it might have been a cache problem or something causing it not to successfully create the panorama. I have since cleared and formatted both cards and the problem remains.
I can browse the folders and find the images all 36 are in their own Pano folder. And after the first time it stitches all images together when I go back into the gallery it only shows the thumb nail as a flat image it no longer has the globe in the corner.

Anybody have any advice when I should check or do? Maybe there's a step I forgot about after creating the first couple ? it's really frustrating, the first couple I successfully created were just hey let's see what this does and the content there's nothing special. All the failures have been things that I thought would look really cool as the panorama.

Thank you in advance for your advice
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