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128 gig card
305 1 2019-2-10
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hi guys and gals
Can some won help me on this  ?

I have just changed my sd card and put in a 128gig micro yes the class 10 but know when I do a recording a 20 min flight it breaks up in 5 min blocks on my phone
why is that ?
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run a speed test on your card to see how fast it is under sustained sequential writes and reads.. but use a computer and usb 3.0/3.1 micro SD card reader that can sustain high speeds..

as for on your phone, how are you watching it?  just putting the SD card from drone into your phone? i wouldn't do that, your phone may write some stuff to it and may mess with databases, my LG phone does something to the cards that make my mavic air want to reform giving errors..

this is the 128GB card i use, works an absolute treat in my mavic air, which does 4K 30fps 100mbps encoding to micro SD and i never had quality issues with it.. ... A-AM/dp/B06XWZWYVP/

i would avoid Lexar like the plague..for some reason i always get errors and slow writes and stutters even with very high speed lexar cards... sandisk is hit/miss but this comes down to the fact they dont have very clear branding and sometimes in that lack of clearity you get false claims says upto but thats in extremely specific testing in real world it suffers from slowdowns + sandisk is by far and away the most faked cards...   this cheap samsung card has by far and away been the best, most reliable card i hav had.. owned it since got my spark, have used it in spark, mavic pro and mavic air.. like 2-3 years old...? and hasnt skipped a beat..
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