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Phantom V2+
834 0 2014-11-9
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Hello everyone,

I just got my Phantom 2 vision plus and wanted to share my experiences as a new Phantom pilot, and perhaps help future newbies.  Well first off, I'd like to thank all you Phantom gurus out there for sharing your knowledge for guys like me to read.  Ok, with my first test flight I failed at paying attention to the LED indicators.  Meaning, I didn't wait for the quad to achieve home lock (rapid green flash, then blinking green).  I flew up about 10 ft with minor turns just to get a feel for the sticks.  I noticed that at a hover the craft drifted badly and I began to get nervous so I landed it.  

During that first flight setup, I too had issues connecting my 5s phone to camera.  The image was stuck on the last successful connected image ( fix was to power cycle phone and reconnect).  Also, as soon as I powered up the Phantom, the camera would click a bit then move itself so that it was pointed down towards the ground (not sure if that is normal).  I compensated for that by using the phone to move the camera angle up.

Second flight was much better.  I achieved home lock and noticed I had 9 satelites locked.  Had same issue with camera connection on Iphone so I repeated the power cycle fix.  This time I went up about 90 ft and repeated some basic movements.  I am really satisfied with the quality of pics the FC200 takes even at about 100 ft up.

So to sum this up, I learned to take it slow, develop a good set of pre-flight procedures (do it the same way every flight), and learn what the lights mean and pay attention to them.  As I learn more, I will share.

Lastly, I would love to learn how to make kick ass videos like I've seen from the more experienced guys/gals.  Any suggestions?

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