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Inspire 2 vibration
536 1 2019-2-14
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First Officer
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Hey guys,

just been testing the Inspire 2 today with firmware v300 after it has been sitting in storage for the last few months (it was on firmware v100, skipped v200)
Since the weather was perfect today thought it would be a good time to test it.

It's position hold is about as poor as we are used to and I dont think v300 made a difference. There was minimal wind and from experience, I could tell you that both a Mavic Pro and Phantom would remain rock solid in the air.
The Inspire 2 moves about a meter in every direction, despite hovering low enough for both the vision sensor (VPS) and sonar sensors to be in range to assist stability.

But like I said, we know that by now, the Inspire 2 simply cannot hold still.

I wanted to ask you guys I think a very important question. When you hover your Inspire 2 with the landing gear up, could you touch one of its legs and just hold it. Can you feel the vibration? It is quite strong, like holding a blender in action. Very high-frequency strong vibration throughout the body of the Inspire 2. Please be careful when doing this obviously, but it would be good to know whether all Inspire 2 vibrate like this or whether it is just inconsistency in build quality or what not.

Thanks in advance for letting me know.

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Matthew Dobrski
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Excessive vibrations or hovering wobble was never a problem with my Inspire 2 (June 2018 build, recently on .0300 FW). However, I firmly believe that hovering stability of Inspire 2 is somehow a matter of the luck of a draw. Most of them are fairly solid, some stubbornly aren't no matter which FW they're on. For this particular reason I demanded personally assisted filed test before purchase. sort of like a test drive at car dealership. First un-boxed bird didn't pass, second did.

The one and only reason for vibrating aircraft are unbalanced propellers and/or motors. Even the slightest off-balance will render vibrations. Things are getting more complicated when 4 or more propellers are interacting at various RPM's. Vibrations may accumulate creating low-frequency standing wave effect, or cancel themselves randomly. Therefore vibrations you're sensing at hovering speed may (or may not) disappear at higher speeds.

Although DJI factory propellers are well balanced and consistent, very minute balancing is difficult to perform without precise custom jig. I will try to investigate this issue further and post my findings here.
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