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New Batteries do not charge
312 2 2019-2-16
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Hi Everyone

I have bought a new MAVIC PRO recently with 3 brand new batteries.
It happens that they not charge when I plug them either to the hub or directly to the charger.
I could made the same test with the very same charger set (hub) of a friend and the same happen: my batteries do not charge at all.
Is it normal? Is there any procedure to execute before charging them? Or are they simply already too hold they have reach this status where they cannot be charged any longer because the staid too log time uncharged in the resseler stock....?
Can you help me on this?
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator

Hello and good day CYRBAE31. I am sorry to know about the trouble, with regards to this issue you may give a try to charge it for a while it seems the battery is on the hibernation mode and wait. If ever still will not charge. I would suggest reaching out one of our support channels in order to guide you on what you'll need to do. You may just go to this link Thank you for your support.
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With the battery off the charger, press on the button on top.  Do any of the bars light up, and if so, how many?  Chances are that if the battery is fully charged, the bars will not light up while plug into the charger.  Also, if any of the bars light up (unplugged from the charger) you might be able to put one into your MP, power it up, and look at your DJI App and screen capture the condition of the battery.
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