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2018 SkyPixel Contest Weekly Selection: Issue 13
1515 1 2019-2-21
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Hong Kong


The sun affects everything and is a huge part of life on earth. It helps plants grow, provides light, and offers warmth. It also happens to be a great photography prop for photographers. For this week’s selection of 2018 SkyPixel Contest submissions, we’re sharing 10 amazing photos that incorporate the beauty of the sun.

Icy Adventure | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro
Photographer: 王 汉冰
After a cold night, beautiful textures and designs flowered across a lake in the Taklimakan desert.

Sunset Sailing | Equipment: Mavic 2 Zoom
Photographer: Mike Leung
A vivid sunset illuminates a lone sailboat at Karon beach in Phuket, Thailand, creating a gorgeous aerial shot.

Nature Engraving | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro
Photographer: 梦中画
Although it looks like a painting, this aerial image was taken by DJI’s Phantom 4 in Utah. The contrast of snow and shadow across the badlands create a beautiful and whimsical texture.

Sunrise in Harwich | Equipment: Mavic Pro
Photographer: MrDroney McDroneFace
A spectacular sunrise overlooking the Dovercourt lighthouse in Harwich, UK.

2 People, 2 Dogs, & 4 Shadows | Equipment: Mavic Air
Photographer: Yevhen Samuchenko
A pair of dogs and their owners take a morning stroll at Black Sea beach in Odessa, Ukraine. The sun’s angle produces the perfect shadow of their figures in the sand.

Val Comelico-Padola-Belluno-Italy | Equipment:
Photographer: Alvise Bagagiolo
A warm sun glows through grey clouds over The Dolomites in Italy, bringing color to the pale snow and dark rock.

Newborn Sun | Equipment: Inspire 1 Pro
Photographer: c8214f3...
A bridge in Shenyang is eliminated by the stunning rays of a golden sun.

Ulm Minster | Equipment:
Mavic 2 Pro
Photographer: Nico Saiger
A deep sunset colors the sky behind the world’s highest church tower, located in Germany.

Sand Dunes | Equipment: Spark
Photographer: Francescocamilloph
One of the largest sand dune beaches in the world lays along the ocean. The sun illuminates the vast expanse and a lone figure contemplating where the sand finishes and the ocean begins.

Working on the Height | Equipment:
Phantom 4 Pro
Photographer: Trung Pham
Workers take a break from cleaning glass at the highest building in Ho Chi Minh city, Landmark 81, on a beautiful afternoon.

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