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New UK restricted area definitions.
674 1 2019-2-20
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Second Officer

United Kingdom

Coming into force next month are new definitions for restricted airspace around UK Airports.

My personal view is that these new restricted areas make more sense and clear up an awful lot of ambiguity especially in the area I fly and live in (Leeds and Bradford Airport).

Now in the case of the Spark and other models this should hopefully negate the need for that bloody awful acknowledgement window that pops up and is near impossible to read in normal day light.

I will also make a plea to DJI, and I know I’m probably sounding like a stuck record, but PLEASE, PLEASE, modify the NFZ in the Datalink App to reflect these changes. I’ve not been able to use my Datalink for nearly five years because your imaginary NFZ was three times larger than the recognised NFZ.

Living in a Hope.


Use props
snowbird pilot
United States

interesting. hope DJI fixes the NFZs
Use props
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