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M2-Goggles RE: Which antenna array/Comms Software is active, when RE are linked?
244 1 2019-2-20
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As MANY have noticed, there is an issue with the M2's range capability when connected to Goggles RE. Im aware that a lucky few have encountered less trouble, and even fewer say they have no trouble at all. Im one of the many that, for the most part (99%), reach 950ft and suddenly get stuttering FPV, quickly followed by B&W frozen screen of death at 1000ft. 

I power down the RE Goggles and 2 secs later, solid signal is back 100% and continue on for miles without issue... Same story for many and while there are some theories and anecdotal fixes, the problem still remains.

After 60+ flights using RE with those same horrid results BUT also 3 flights now where I hit 2 miles w/o issue, while using RE entire flight, Im noticing a strong correlation to the level of RF interference in the area. The M2 alone handles this RF 'interference' without issue, while the RE completely chokes on even the slightest bit!

I dont think its the level of RF thats in an area that is the problem. I believe its how the Goggles RE handle that RF, or are affected by it, is the issue, or at least a huge part of it. (ie: Rxvr too sensitive or, more likely, the firmware bottlenecks when it faces interference)


Does anyone know the communication protocols for the M2 when the Goggles RE are linked and part of the M2 network? 

Im sure the RE antenna array, inside the headband, take over PART of the comms, however, Im not sure if the RE takes over COMPLETELY, or if its just for FPV, or is it completely cooperational with the RC/Device:Go4, meaning that both the RC and the Goggles RE (including both their antenna systems) work together, all flight long?

When the Goggles RE are linked, do they "take over" and the RC communicates with the Goggles?

Im sure there was a much more concise way of asking this question so apologies on its length but Im convinced that the issue we face with the M2 and Goggles RE lies, at least a large portion, in this question and how the M2/RC/Goggles RE communicate, especially when other than zero RF is also in the area!

Thx for any insight...

DJI, is it possible you could weigh in on this?
or maybe even offer a fix to the malfunctioning fw within the Goggles RE!!! Just a little help would go along way with us Goggles owners!

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Have you tried putting an antenna on the goggles? I have the zoom and the Re's but

haven't synced them yet. I'm asking because the MP2 uses 5.8 as well.
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