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unrepairable Osmo?
516 2 2019-2-22
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United States

I had an issue with my Osmo gimbal not working upon start up. Went to my local DJI store, they checked it and said I needed to contact customer care. Called them, they tried walking me through a few things only to find that nothing worked. I was told to send it in for repair.

So, I send it in for repair to the California location. I get an email on the day it was received stating that the unit had been tested and worked fine and that it would be sent back. Three days later, it ships. Three days later I receive it. I open the box and find... it doesn't work.

I call tech support, they try to walk me through a few steps to see if they can help me and... they can't. So I am told I would have to send it in again and that they would email me a UPS shipping lable. 3 days later, still had not received the lable. Contacted them again via email and finally get the shipping document. This time, I am to send it to a place in Texas.

I drop it off and 4 days later get an email that it has been received. I get a follow up email stating that the main control board and the Y axis arm need replacement. With labor, $87.68 in repairs. It is out of warranty, so I suck it up and pay the fees. I get an email a few days later that the repair is complete and my Osmo has shipped.

I get it back, open the box and eagerly put in a battery and turn it on only to find that... IT DOESN'T WORK!

I call tech support, they try to walk me through a few steps to see if they can help me and... this is feeling repetitive... but nothing works. I am told to send it in AGAIN.

Now, I get it, the woman helping me was nice and not repsonsible for the failed repairs, so I tried to not be rude to her. It isn't her fault. But then I asked what can be done for a refund for my nearly $100.00 "repair" that didn't fix anything and has now had my equipment down for 7 weeks, and I am told "I am sorry, but we can not refund a repair" I don't want a repair refunded. I want a failed repair refunded. I paid for a repair, I didn't get a repair, I get runaround.

Besides becoming an internet troll and raising hell, what is my next step?
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DJI Susan


Hi Evans808, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. I managed to get your case number via the forum information and escalated to the management for investigation, they will review and contact you during the working time.
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