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Yellow vs Green Home Point location - Significant?
329 1 2019-2-24
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Flight distance : 325748 ft
United States

I have a Phantom 4 Pro+ V1. Came with the included screen GL300E controller.
Unable to comfortably be able to load the mapping apps I want, so I purchased a P4P controller, GL300F.
In DJI GO 4 -
When paired with the PLUS controller, the Home Point location "bubble" is Green.
When paired with the P4P controller & iPhone 6 combo, the Home Point "bubble" is Yellow.

Is this significant. Should I be concerned?
Why the difference? Searched for a couple hours for an answer. Nothing yet.

Thinking out loud, could it be -
separate DJI software teams for IOS an Android didn't think consistency was import.
I realize the Phantom 4 Pro has it's own internal GPS and does not need another source to mark it's current take off position.
"Home Position" can be moved or updated thru the controller while the drone is in flight.
have something to do with "Mobile GPS signal weak?",  I've seen that "error" as have many others using Apple products.
could it be DJI GO 4 doesn't think the Apple device is precise enough to mark an accurate new home location?
an IOS software issue - I've seen many similar concerns posted from iPad mini user's.
a GPS issue on the IOS device. I my case, it's my iPhone 6 (until I  decide on which Apple device or Android device I want to dedicate to  this controller)

I've seen a Yellow Home Point bubble in pics online when reading about Dynamic Home Point.
I've never had that and as far as I can tell, it's no longer an option in the current version of DJI GO 4 - in either IOS or Android versions.

I am within 2 miles of class D airspace, and clear of extended centerlines. ??

I've tried opening "settings" on the iPhone and setting DJI GO 4 to "always " for GPS access.
That changed the color for one user online I read about.

DJI does use colors elsewhere - Green (good, go), Yellow (caution), and Red (error, stop).

Any insight would be appreciated.


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is this normal for ios device? i have the same thing on my ipad mini 2 the homepoint H bubble is color yellow. my drone is phantom 4
6-25 19:19
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