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Identifying V2 ESC's
3883 3 2014-11-9
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United Kingdom

Hi, You state that new V2 esc's (to go with the new 2312 motors) can be indentified by having a "V2" on the white sticker on the esc.

Everwhere I have seen the V2 esc's for sale have a picture with no "v2" on the white sticker. A mod from rcforums who also does some testing for DJI was sent the upgraded parts direct from you showed a picture and there is no V2 on the sticker - ... 281033#post29896720

Somewhere on this forum DJI also state that the V2 esc's have been out for a long time and were in some/all visions before the vision+ came out.
Could you find out how to identify them or at least the date when you first starting selling them therefore discluding any that came before this date.

I bought my phantom 2 with zenmuse h3-2d in March 2014, does it have V2 esc's already??

Many thanks for any help.

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The new phantom has new motors which should also go with new ESC. The new ones are start to be sold in late July 2014.
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United Kingdom

Thanks. So my March 2014 phantom 2 will have the older type esc's? Damn lol.
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Phantom2Flyer Posted at 2014-11-11 05:58
Thanks. So my March 2014 phantom 2 will have the older type esc's? Damn lol.


I have the same confusion too. DJI has a good product, but does not have good coordination between departments.

In my ESCs not indicated V2 in the whitte label, but in the circuit board
WM 301 BLDC V2 V
I called to DJI China, but in China the information is confused. But I called to DJI Japan and this is the response:

Dear Alex,

Thanks for contacting DJI.

The "WM 301 BLDC V2 V" is the hardware version of the ESC.
The new and old ESC have the same hardware version, that is to say they have the same PCB.
But the firmware versions are different, the firmware version is upgraded for the New ESC.

Best regards

I request this email with other question about the posibility of upgrade the ESC firmware and this is the response:

Dear Sir,

The ESCs and motors should upgraded together.
You could not upgrade ESCs or motors only.
The firmwares released could not be used to upgrade the ESCs.
If you want to upgrade the propeller system, you could contact nearest DJI Repair Center from you.

Actually it's not so necessary to upgrade the propeller system if your unit could work normally.

Best Regards

I'm sure DJI can help its customers, launching a firmware support for people who wish to upgrade their "old" motors.
It is absolutely necessary for customers using the 3D-H3 Zenmuse and DJI FPV system, because with the previous engine performance the smart batteries swelling and may explode. DJI is aware of this problem long time ago. But not provides information to the customers and support services.
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