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International Warranty
972 3 2019-2-24
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Mike Swiss
Flight distance : 893684 ft

Dear DJI Team.
I am still extremely disappointed that you don’t offer an international warranty for your 2000 $ “professional” drones which are aimed for people who travel and discover the world.
This is a huge pain ..
I personally used to live a while in the USA for work .. I bought my drone and left a while, for job reasons, to Switzerland.
For that reason I purchased the drone from YOUR webpage as I expected you to follow models such as GoPro.
During that time I had problems with my drones and it was a huge mess to get things done and repair. I received a drone with a factory error (not my fault) and I was offered 2 insane options:
1)     Send the aircraft back to the USA (and I pay the shipping cost)
2)     Send the aircraft back to Netherlands and I pay shipping and repair costs.
At the beginning of the story (November) I an alternative address of a friend still living in the USA for the part to be shipped to.
It took 3 months to find a solution because the part was not available. Finally it was decided that the part would be shipped form Netherlands to my place in Switzerland.
I  never heard anything form the Netherlands.
End of February, the part was shipped to my friend’s place in the USA without any notice .. luckily it was one week before he as well would leave the USA definitely.

This brings me to the question ….How can’t you offer an international customer service if you sell units all over the world, that your “online support” is anyway located in shanghai and that you are supposed to be an international distributer of drones with highest quality and service?
If your business model is international, why isn’t your service?
How can you claim that a product is made for travel and adventure if the only place it is securely under warranty is in my backyard where I purchased it?
Even GoPro has an international warranty for products that you purchase form their webpage…

I am sure I am not the only one on that forum who experienced warranty problems … and form looking on the internet I am definitely not the only one….
Please do something about that ..
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi Mike, that must have been frustrating for you, we sincerely apologize for the troubles that have been caused because of our non-international warranty policy. Even we sell our products around the world, the version and the policy of each country are different. We have built several official repair centers globally, but the international warranty is still impossible at the moment because of various reasons. We are sorry again for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.
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Yaro Timmerman

Hi Mike/ DJI Team,

I don't mean to hijack your post, but the forum won't let me make my own.

I have a very severe warranty issue. I have have owned various DJI drones including a phantom and a mavic pro. I recently switched to a Mavic Air (26-01-2019). This drone had issues with the connection with the controller. It would sometimes disconnect at 2 meters away on the grond. Unfourtunately this happend when I just took off. The drone went completely haywire en flew in al kinds of directions. Eventually causing it to crash and even fall into the water. As i said i have been flying for 2 years now and know how to operate a drone. The repair center now came to the conclusion that this is not a warranty case and that the costs of the repair are 670 euros (!!). When i call the support i get to speak to a gentleman who can't speak propper english. Can someone please help me!

Serial number: OK1CF933AH5JVF
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DutchAmrerican Fiester
Flight distance : 328163 ft

Yeah, don't take your drone out of the country or buy one outside your home country...! Other wise DJI ... support is a joke...! As you said so much for a so called international company, unfortunately seems this only case for big chines international company, not have to follow the same rules as the rest..! Shame they also don't say this upfront..!
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