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iPad Pro reboot
223 1 2019-2-25
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United Kingdom

I use an iPad Pro (WiFi only) with my Phantom 4 Pro V1. Since the most recent firmware upgrade, the iPad has been rebooting itself after I have landed and switched off the P4P and the RC. It's not much of an issue but it's beginning to annoy me because I lose the Maps cache when it reboots and I no longer have access to my flight track. Has anyone else come across this? It never used to do this so I'm guessing the firmware upgrade is the culprit. Perhaps all it needs is a switch adjusting...
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Grumpy D
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United States

If it was me, I would start with deleting and reinstalling the Go app on the iPad, if no joy refresh/reinstall the firmware. If still no joy wait for someone smarter than me to offer help, it shouldn’t take very long.
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