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EI MODE- green mark at ISO value
473 1 2019-2-26
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can you please consult the ISO settings in EI mode? In camera settings, a green line appears at the iso value.
why is this green tag at iso? can I set the sensitivity to this value?
I'm taking pictures for res 4444, d-log, EI mode, sd looks: Rec709
Thanks for explaining which value is correct for EI mode?
The higher the ISO, the better the dynamic range?
Or should I drive ISO down to reduce noise, as usual?

iso ei mode.JPG
iso ei mode.JPG
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HI jiri.82, we do appreciate your interest in our products. EI is to analog film effect and adjust the exposure value based on the sensitivity. Adjusting EI to reach proper dynamic range and signal-noise level (SNR). For example, reducing the EI value can optimize SNR and the dynamic range is recommended to be reduced for balancing. There is no essential difference between EI and ISO. They are used to measure the sensitivity of the sensor to light (corresponding to high-speed film). ISO Sensitivity (or ISO speed) is a measure of how strongly an image sensor and/or camera responds to light. The higher the sensitivity, the less light (smaller aperture and/or shorter exposure time) required to capture a good quality image. Exposure Index (EI) is a camera setting derived from one or more of the Sensitivity measurements. It is used to determine the camera’s exposure in response to a light level measurement. Exposure Index and Sensitivity are closely related and sometimes used interchangeably, but should be kept distinct.
For example, one might say, “The camera’s Saturation-based ISO sensitivity is 80 when the Exposure Index is set to 100. I hope this can help. Thanks for your support.

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