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Restricted Zones - Hong Kong
625 0 2019-2-28
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Hong Kong

Hi everyone,

I'm from Hong Kong and there's something I would like to ask everyone around here.
There is a sports event day happening soon at the school I am working at. The coach requested me to bring my drone for video and photo taking for the entire school. And last year, I remember that one of the art teachers brought his drone for the event but the stadium staff he couldn't fly it inside.

I am not sure if it's because of the size of the drone or they are ignorant. But since I own a spark, I don't think there would be much of an issue unless the staffs working there are ignorant. I have also checked the flight zone map and there's no said restriction anywhere shown except for prisons and airports which are restricted.

Is there a law that prohibits me to fly the drone within the stadium? Technically, the stadium is a government building. But there isn't any regulations or drone when it comes to flying drones. Will it be fine? Just in case if some of the staffs show up I can make a convincing argument that they're wrong and should bugger off since it's a private event.

Thanks in advance!
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