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can't get past "Link with the aircraft
1542 2 2019-2-28
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I just got the mavic 2 pro.
I am trying to fly for the first time.
I launch the dji4 app on my android.
I get to step 3 where at the bootom of the app is says Link with the aircraft...and its greyed out... I did get to that step once but never any further than this....NOw I can olny get this far.

I have
shut the drone down
shut the app down
rebooted my phone
rebooted the RC controller
rebooted the drone...
every time it hangs up here

can anyone get me up and running....
i can turn on blades by holding the joysticks inward but am afraid to fly it...

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   I'm not sure of exactly where you are hanging...…
Linking establishes a Ocusync/radio link between the remote controller (RC) and the aircraft. The kit should arrive with the RC and aircraft already linked and linking is normally accomplished once and/or whenever needed such as with goggles or, a second RC unit, or after maintenance/update, etc. If you can start the motors with the RC control sticks, then you are linked. Additionally, in the led screen on the RC, you will see an animated icon in the upper right corner prior to the RC establishing a link showing the RC and a moving dotted line.... once linked, the icon will show your connection and your mobile device should show video. On many mobile devices/phones, if you start them first, then video may not show unless you reinitialize the usb/lightening cable connection by simply unplugging the connection and reconnecting the mobile device.
looking for connect    ->        established       ->           looking again....
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Hi, we're sorry for the uneasiness about linking your Mavic 2 Pro. There are two ways to link your remote controller to your aircraft. You may use the DJI GO 4 app or the manual combination, however, to avoid linking problem, the aircraft and remote controller should be up to date. You may check our videos tutorial for firmware update and the linking process of the remote. Please keep us posted on the latest progress. Thank you for continued support.

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