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Small Basic & Advanced Exams (Transportation Canada Laws)
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Moxie Aerials
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Greetings DJI Flyers,

  I would say this content is primarily for Canadians dealing with the new laws coming into effect in June of 2019, but with the Part 107 certification already availible in the US, I'm sure there'd be relevant input from Americans as well.

  Transportation Canada is making it mandatory now to pass an exam both for the hobbyist, and for commercial users. The exam costs $10 every time you take it but the feedback I'm getting is that it focuses on fixed-wing UAV's, and doesn't really consider quad-copters (and let's face it, most "drones" in use today are quads, or even DJI products).

  So a couple of things to put out to the forum: first, it looks like Transportation Canada slapped a bandaid on the actual problem of UAV operators flying in unsafe conditions and made it more difficult to pass the certification as most of the information doesn't apply to quad-copter operators. And second, has anyone out there completed either the basic or advanced examination? Would be interested to know if there are training programs out there that cover the exams, or even if there were practice exams out there, to see the scope of information that is necesarry to know.

  I completed ground school training back when I first started using DJI products, that included a basic knowledge of aeronautical laws, NOTAMs, and supplied a radio operators exam and license. Just trying to gauge whether that would be enough to pass these new exams?!

  Would appreciate any guidance on this subject matter!
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day Moxie Aerials. Thank you for reaching out and for these information.  I hope you'll get the best information and recommendations here from our valued DJI Members and Customers with regards to this Exams. Best of luck to you on your exam and thank you for your support.
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