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Android Issue for Missions Saved/Flown with Litchi App
338 1 2019-3-5
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A recent change by DJI in their SDK altered the parameters used when flying preplanned missions using apps like FlyLitchi.  Previously waypoints had to be at least 0.5 meters apart.  This is now changed to 2 meters.  What this means is that any existing saved missions will fail to load or start with an error about waypoints being too close if there are consectuive waypoints closer than 2 meters.  Currently the known work around is to modify such saved missions for a slightly greater distance (more than 2 meters).

This issue affects only Android devices (phones, tablets, Crystalsky, etc).  iOS devices work as before as there was no apparent change to the iOS SDK area like what was done for Android.  It is known to affect Mavic drones and Phantom drones and likely any others that can fly preprogrammed missions like used in the FlyLitchi app.
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Hello and good day DroneGuyEd. Thank you for sharing this information with us today and for you insights. Just a friendly reminder that we do not recommened using 3rd part applications when flying your DJI drones for compatibility and reliability purposes. Have a safe and happy flying always. Thank you.
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