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Using Gimbal Connector for 12V Supply of Laser Scanner
768 2 2019-3-9
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we've developped a light weighted survey-grade laser scanner (350 grams) and for practical use it would be perfect to attach it to the gimbal connector as long as it's position assures a good field of sight which is similar to the requirements of a camera. Therefore the idea is to replace the standard gimbal camera (Z3, X3, X5, etc.) with the laser scanner (similar to other 3rd party devices) and use the attachment both for mechanical fixing and for power supply at the same time. Further integration via SDK might be in future, but right now the scanner works independently via GSM (needed anyway for GNSS-RTK) and cloud connection.

My trial setup is as follows (I'm aware that there are several differences between gimbals):

  • A3 controller
  • LB2
  • Camera Adapter (in fact: the gimbal controller itself?) with 3pin + 6pin connectors to LB2 and A3 and power supply direct from battery. Cam connector is 20pin
  • Gimbal Z3

Mechanical integration is obvious, but I can't get out the 12V power supply. My findings so far:

  • The controller contains a 12V / 5A regulator and should be more than sufficient for the laser scanner (max. 700 mA against up to 2A for the gimbal)
  • Pins 12, 14 and 16 which are supposed to carry 12V are in fact open / floating
  • There is some supply voltage of about 3.2V on the connector (for logic?)
  • The gimbal initializes even without connection to LB2 or A3 and therefore the question of providing power is something between the gimbal and the adapter
  • There is a difference in connections of the 20pin connector: Pin 1 and 20 of the gimbal side are grounded, on the adapter side there is a voltage level of 3.2V

It seems that there has to be activated is a switch to provide 12V to the pins and the final question is: HOW?

  • Is there a magic circuitry needed, e.g. tearing pin 1 or 20 of the adapter to ground?
  • Or is the 12V output activated via commands on CAN / USB bus between gimbal and adapter?

Any hints are highly appreciated.



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notice: The 6 pin connector is in fact a 7 pin connector with 6 wires attached
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In my opinion you have to complain to service center for this problem. They visit and find what really happening to this scanner.
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