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Newbie trying to get started
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Hey folks,

I'm a researcher that's been working with the M600 Pro since the Fall of 2018. I'm trying to get our UAV operational after a crash I had in December, and hopefully learn the ins and outs of proper maintenance/assemlby along the way. Our M600 is rebuilt, but after some quick tests this morning I am nervous about the UAV crashing, and breaking more propellers/antennas, etc. Currently I'm working with the A3 Pro (2/3 A3 antennas installed) and the RTK-GPS.

My current question is:

1) Once propellers are tightened, how much resistance should there be? I've replace several sets of propellers and at this point there is some degree in variation between each arm and their tightness. Can propellers that aren't screwed in tight enough cause flight instability? I powered on the motors (but didn't take off) and let them run for a few minutes trying to observe any variable differences in propeller RPM's, but couldn't see anything. However, once I powered down the motors some the blades aren't straight (left picture) while others are (right picture). The ones that aren't straight also seem to be the most loose, and I can't seem to tighten them up.


I would greatly appreciate any feedback/pointers!
3-13 12:24
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Hello! I've been working with my M600 Pro since November 2018 and I am climbing the learning curve too.  I don't think the blade alignment is anything to worry about.  Mine is brand new, never crashed, and it won't fly for any of a number of possibilities,  I think my IMU is bad, but can't find any one who can tell me how to diagnose it.  Good luck with it going forward.
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Hi adjablon. The propellers shouldn't be too tight, meaning that it creates less vibration in the M600 if the propellers can move nearly freely around their mounting bolt. Just make sure that the bolt itself cannot unwind. Use some threadlock. When the arms are hanging down in a nearly vertical position I adjust each propeller blade bolt just as tight so the blade will move slowly down, by gravity, from a horizontal position.

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Thread lock and the correct torque setting will be critical. Check your specs to find correct tension and spend the $ to get a good (small) torque wrench.
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