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Has anyone tried this with the wifi and audio accessories?
322 1 2019-3-16
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So I was thinking, with the wifi accessory on the OP, the mic interface accessory doesnt work.
I came across this thing:
which is a female to female USB C coupler and it got me thinking..

Would it be possible to connect the mic interface to the usb-c interface on the side of the OP where you normally would conect your phone, using this thing?

Has anyone tried this yet?
And if it works.. would this be a way to connect the "non working" cheaper options from aliexpress etc and see if they work that way?

I thought it was an interesting option to explore, so I decided to share it here, but I am probably not the first one to come up with this idea, i guess?
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Hello and good day. Thank for reaching out and for this information you have shared with us today.  Just a friendly reminder, we don't recommend you to use a 3rd party apps because we are unable to ensure the safety and the compatibility of the accessory to the DJI Osmo Pocket. Thanks for your understanding. Have a safe and happy filming always.
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