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Ronin S Footage Not Stable
1560 1 2019-3-17
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United States

Hello, I just recieved my Ronin S this week and I took it to a wedding that I was filming. One thing I notice when going back to look at footage is that it does not look completeltely stable. Lots of vertical and horizontal shake. I was taking very careful steps making sure to walk smoothly, yet my footage still is shaky. I did all of the auto configuartion in the app to insure it would be as smooth as possible, and the app said all 3 axis were balnced perfectly. I am using a Gh4 with a Metabones speed booster and a Sigma 18-35 lens. Hopefully somebody can give me some tips to insure my footage doesnt do this anymore, or just a fix. Thanks in advance!

Here is the clip:
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi there, improperly balancing the pan axis will result in a side to side wiggle when the gimbal is trying to stabilize the camera as you walk. To check whether your pan axis is balanced properly, please take something like the included charger and place it under one of the tripod legs and hold the handle. With your other hand, go into the App and run the balance test. All 3 axes should be Excellent if properly balanced. Please check more details here:
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