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Geo fencing
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Ok this question is primarily directed at dji staff but would love to have others input.
My question and concern is about geofencing of unmanned airports.
Here in Australia it is legal by the civil aviation safety authority to fly a drone in certain areas around unmanned airports.
As you will see in the following images and current regulations that have been copied from our laws governing uav flights within Australia, we are allowed to fly uav's within certain areas as long as we abide by certain rules.
Dji in their lack of wisdom have now geo fenced almost my entire town off and stopped me from flying as im required to do sometimes at a moments notice.
I am a member of our local emergency services and require unlimited access to the area that dji have now blocked me from flying in without first gaining authorisation to do so.
As you can all imagine a persons life cannot wait for authorisation.
Now im guessing that dji have geo fenced every unmanned airport in a similar fashion.
This restriction has now seriously effected the use of drones being used for emergency situations in these areas.
Can this geofencing be lifted as it is not a legal requirment for these unmanned airports to be geofenced in this country.
Now the following images show my local airport which is an uncontrolled airport. If you read the rules taken from the CASA site itself it clearly states that we are permitted to fly within the geofenced zone.
The third image clearly shows the limitations that we must fly by.
I would like a reasonable explanation as to why i am no longer capable of performing my duties so that i can then pass this info onto the families of the deceased that i will no longer be able to assist in saving peoples lives in these areas.
And i can also then explain to these families that DJI are the ones responsible for their loved ones death by banning me from performing my life saving duties.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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