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i1 DJI Go App Unlock List does not show up under General Settings...
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I have an i1 with the latest firmware. iPad updated to the latest OS and most recent DJI GO app. When atempting to unlock a blue authorization zone (or any authorization zone for that matter)  both through the app or the website after completing the information and being approved.  I go to the "General Settings page in the app and the "Unlock List" does not show up on the anywhere on the page or anywhere in the app either. I have deleted the app and redownloaded the app several times  and have found no solution to this whatsoever. Any info on the is problem would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you been able to do this before or did this just start?  Please see this link, or the below is it in a nutshell.

There are two ways to unlock Authorization Zones (blue):
1.        Live Self-Unlocking:  When  connected to the Internet, DJI GO and DJI GO 4 allow you to unlock  Authorization Zones on-site when you take off inside of or fly into one.  Unlocking lasts for 24 hours and requires just a few taps on the  screen.

2.        Scheduled Self-Unlocking:  Users  planning to fly in an Authorization Zone without an Internet connection  can use the Online Flight Planner to schedule up to 30 simultaneous  unlocking plans. Each unlocked zone will remain unlocked for three days.
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Did you find the Unlock List? I can't find it either
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