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Is the .300 battery firmware update always mandatori?
530 1 2019-3-19
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Second Officer
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Hello folks and administrators,

I am running always the .200 firmware on my Inspire2 and had no flights in the last 3 months. Knowing about the problems with the new battery firmware i need to know if the update before the next flight is always mandatory as i am running the older (and working) version of the batt. firmware.

Thanks for your reply.

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Matthew Dobrski
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No, firmware update never was and still is NOT mandatory. It's up to you which firmware version you want to fly your bird with. However, version .0200 was widely recognized by many of Inspire 2 pilots as very troubled. DJI released .0300 version, which seemingly addressed most (not all) issues. It's highly recommended to update to this version, batteries including. But - again - if your Inspire is behaving well, there's no need to fix things that aren't broken ...
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