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Just a quick note.  I have (had) a Mavic Pro Platinum, purchased before Christmas 2018, not flown until March 2019.  About the 3rd time I flew it, the compass failed and it went into ATTI mode.  I quickly lost site and contact with the drone. It drifted into a no-fly zone and auto-landed (presumably) in a heavily forested area without road access across a river.

I figured it was just a lost cause and posted about it here (on the wrong forum, lol). A DJI Moderator quickly mentioned I should open a case and gave me the links.  I did so, thinking it was a total waste of time.

Next day the DJI warranty team contacted me for more info and asked that I synch my DJI Go 4 flight logs.

Today, I received this email.  Needless to say, I'm quite impressed and will highly recommend DJI in the future.

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your patience. This is Dora from data analysis team, and I will be assisting you on  this case from now on for related inquiries about data analysis.

The unfortunate incident that occurred to your aircraft has been confirmed as a warranty case according to our data analysis.

If the aircraft cannot be recovered, we would like to offer you a  replacement, Mavic Pro Platinum aircraft (without the remote controller  and battery charger).

Please kindly send us the following information:
Shipping address:
Contact name:
Phone number:

----------If the model is incorrect, please let us know.
----------We are sorry to tell you that the discount cannot be applied  to any other model other than the original one and it cannot be credited  to your account.

Should you have more questions about the result of the data analysis,  please reply to this email directly within 15 calendar days. Then we  will contact you via email in 2-3 working days.

Thank for your support, have a nice day!

Best Regards,
DJI Technical Support
Website: [url][/url]
Youtube: [url][/url]

3-19 19:57
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi akman2014, we are glad to know the warranty service was provided on this matter and thanks for sharing your positive experience, please reply to the email and our support team will help you out with the next steps.
3-20 00:40
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United States

Just goes to show, never give up!    Glad you're getting it replaced.

3-20 04:35
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