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793 2 2019-3-23
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Will CS be able to play video shot using H265 through the sd slot in the future?  It would be nice to playback immediately, what I shot in the field in H265.
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Hi, we do appreciate your interest in our Crystal Sky. No worries, we will forward this suggestion int our designated department for us to see if our Crystal Sky could support the H265 codec in the future. Thank you for continued support.
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As a FYI.. importing h265 files from M2Z onto Go4 app on (at least) the CrystalSky is not possible... it just says that "this file is no compatible" when attempting to import the original file... I didn't try importing the original h265 file onto an iPhone Go4 app.
But when I inserted the microSD card from the UAV into the CS monitor, I can play the h265 videos directly off the card using either the "Gallery" on VLC on the Crystaky, and they all play flawlessly and very smoothly... so the monitor definitely has the processing power and decoding capability to decode h265 video.

DJI, is there any hope for a update, in the near future, of the Go4 App on the CrystalSky where it'll allow importing original h265 files from the drone, along with the "Map Loading" and total flight time bug fixes reported in other posts written after the 4.3.14 App update?
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