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Tilt motor failing despite camera being balanced
922 2 2019-3-26
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The gimbal is updated with the latest firmware (14.03.19) and the camera is balanced. Double tapping the home button does not help, nor does Auto Tune. This problem occured for the first time about six months ago. Sometimes it helps to calibrate the joystick, but usually this is just a temporary solution, as the problem returns in a few minutes after this. Sometimes the problem is not present when I turn on the gimbal, but starts after some use. Other times (like in this video) the problem is present the moment I turn the gimbal on.
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Joystick Calibration Fails

I had the same issue!

With that said, I just got done returning my gimbal for the exact same reason! I was able to cal my joystick a few times, but it was messed upo again on the next power cycle. The next time I tried to calibrate the joystick over 100 times, and I could never get a successful calibration!

Then I got clever! I changed the Tilt axis from Channel 1 to Channel 3, since I wasn't doing any roll movements for my kind of work. This did end up working, albeit, in a neutured state because it's not doing all it was capable of doing. But then, for some reason, I couldn't even manually tilt the gimbal with the joystick!

That's when I returned it to Amazon.

I hate this, because the gimbal was just so right! Excellent features, the perfect focus control, excellent battery life and customizability. But ultimately, the gimbal couldn't reliably gimbal!

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Hi alibaba30, sorry for the troubles with the Ronin-S, it is recommended to send in the Ronin-S for the further evaluation, please start a ticket here, thanks.
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