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Shaky Footage out of the Ronin S
1660 1 2019-3-27
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So, here is the thing; first of all, YES I'm a beginner with the Ronin-S and YES I know a Gimbal is always as good as it's operator and YES I know that I might just need way more practice. I had a Glidecam for some time before and the reason I bought the Ronin S was because the footage with the glidecam was still a little bit too shaky.

I bought the Ronin S and set it up, balanced it (App says Excellent and it acts like any other Ronin S in the www), so I think the balance is pretty good. The problem I have is that I can see every normal step i make in the footage. I know that I might should not walking like normal, but I'm pretty sure that it shouldnt go (intense) up and down the whole time while walking because then im pretty sure you can't even think of running when filming a faster scene and getting smooth footage then.

Maybe Im just to silly at this moment but I cant really think of what I might do wrong. The balance, setup etc. was all done with this video -> ; the camera used is a a7 III with a VR lens. So, even when it should be obvious: please be patient with a not-pro; maybe some of you have some ideas and/or tips on how to operate with the Ronin S.

Thanks and have a nice day

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Hi hansi, sorry for the difficulties on running the Ronin-S, please follow the steps below to try again.
1. Perform the auto tune and balancing the gimbal properly before shooting. To check whether your axis is balanced properly, please take something like the included charger and place it under one of the tripod legs and hold the handle. With your other hand, go into the App and run the balance test. All 3 axes should be Excellent if properly balanced.
2. Keep the knees bent when walking to get a smooth shot.
3. Lean forward slightly when shooting, so the pitch axis can reduce the vertical shake caused by walking.
4. Set the corresponding SmoothTrack value based on the shooting requirements. You may turn off Roll SmoothTrack.
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