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new mavic pro battery issues
1017 3 2019-3-30
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United States

Just picked up a Mavic pro with fly more package and the batterys won't charge. 2 of the batterys will (led 1) flash 16 times and then go blank for 7-8 seconds and flash 16 times. The one that was on the mavic wont do anything. The charge charged the controller just fine.What gives?
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Flight distance : 814751 ft

Return them. Even if you manage to make them work, they will be unreliable and have a short life.
You stand to lose  or crash the drone with defective batteries.
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day Nb3y. Thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear about the trouble. With regards to this matter you may give a try to charge it for a while it seems the battery is on the hibernation mode and wait. If ever still no luck, I would suggest reaching out one of our support channels in order to guide you on what you'll need to do. You may just go to this link Thank you for your support.
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I'm experiencing the same exact issue!!! This is just a horrible first experience. Seriously DJI????

I just recently bought a DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo, which has 2 of 3 batteries that won't charge.
One battery only blinks 1 green light and the other won't show any power at all (no lights).
I've tried both the charging cable and charging dock and neither for them has any impact of the battery charge --- these are essentially dud batteries with 0 juice in them.

This is extremely disappointing given i haven't even flown the drone yet...and to have 2 of 3 batteries defective just really sucks - defeats the purpose of buying a bundle for the purpose getting additional flight time.

Please provide assistance.

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