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Questions about optical sensor calibration
234 0 2019-3-31
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Ollie Bird
First Officer
Flight distance : 950594 ft
United States

Out of Winter time boredom I watched the DJI video about calibration of optical sensors. So with the latest version of DJI assistant 2 I gave it a try. I don't seem to be able to make a smooth steady track around the screen. Even though the squares all get eventually covered and in the end it says calibration succesful. What are we calibrating range, sensitivity, etc? What are the ideal conditions to do this in? When I have the acft on the table and everything is running there are front and rear semi circles with a reading in feet. How accurate should those be and should I be outside for instance pointing towards the side of the garage or something? Can someone shed some light on this subject, I want to make sure I've got everything set as good as I can get it.
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