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Creating Folders for you shoots on memory cards / how to?
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Hi All
Does anyone know how to create folders, having images saved in a specific folder on your memory cards?
For example, I always thought the when you change the battery the app created a new folder, i.e. 100Media, 200Media etc etc.
That is not the case. That would be great, done with a shoot, change battery new folder.
Then I thought is creates folders after it reaches 999 files, that seemed to be true until I found a couple of folders with 57 images and 372 images......
So that is not consistently true. btw if it only creates folders when there are 999 images you think DJI can come up with something better so we can work more efficiently!?
It can be that hard to code.....

Here is the thing.
Just an example.
Lets say I am doing 5 real estate houses in the same hood. after shooting these 5 houses Ill have 3 folders with all the images and I have to sort through those folders and sort them into 5 folders on my computer one for each house. The house thing is more simple, the real problem is when I am mapping large areas for 3D mapping.

Is there a way to set up the app or create folders in such a way that when I am on location House A is in its own folder, house B in its own folder and so on.
This is not real estate specific example, I do large area mapping for 3D conversion, the same thing, and a real time sink. if I map block A and its 5 passes, then I would want those images to be in a folder or at least when I start block B it starts in a brand new folder. what would be best is if the 5 passes on block A would be kept in their own folders.
Right now I just have folders with hundreds of images in each. when doing site scanning its a huge pain to find where Block A ends and B starts and their 5 passes.
Hope this all makes sense.
Thank you

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