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Issue recording Video with CinemaDNG license key for Inspire 2
1133 3 2019-4-1
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I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this problem with their Inspire 2 Zenmuse X7, but I am unable to record video with my Cinema DNG license key.
Issue: After recording video on a shoot, I plug the CineSSD into the CineSSD station and it is hundreds of pictures taken instead of the video that I just recorded (hundreds of pictures rathan than video). This happens every time. And of course, the video is recorded on SD card, but it is not being recorded on CineSSD.  I don't know what the issue is. Could it be a corrupt CineSSD card? It's brand new...

I have already gone through the rudimentary steps that DJI support would ask you:

Is CineSSD turned on in photo/video settings? Yes
Have you reformatted? Yes
Have you reset factory settings? Yes
Do you have both the SD card and CineSSD card in? Yes
Have you purchased and activated the license key? Yes
Did you recieve a verification email with your code and enter it in? Yes
Did you install and download DJI Assistant? Yes
Did you load the certificate in DJI Assistant? Yes
Are you sure you are recording video? Yes

I seriously don't know what else to do.  Has anyone else experienced this problem? Very frustrating...

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this is normal.
please checkout: for reference. ... low_v03_English.pdf

And this url is usefull how to apply the workflow.. ... -log-drone-footage/

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Was this issue resolved? I'm having the same issue.
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Folks... Please make your self clear with what different formats do and how they work.

Filming CDNG will always generate a image sequence, on any camera produced from any company, not just dji. Its never a ready to play video file. Thats just not what it is.
Every video frame is one picture with lots of information. So you have lots of room to grade in post.

To play a CDNG sequence you'll need a edit program that can work with it. Not all support it.
Davinci Resolve is a free one I use Premiere Pro most of the time.
The footage has to be imported correctly into these edit programs.
Sample: Premiere Pro also allows to place a dng image into a video timeline, importing trough the normal import function will not generate a video sequence it will jsut import the single picture. This is correct and also makes sense.
In Premiere Pro you import a CDNG video sequence trough the Media Browser, check the first image in a CDNG sequence and check the sequence tab. This will then generate a video in your project bin. It will grab all files with the same naming convention and correct rasing numbers. If a frame gort droped, while you were recording, the import will stop on the last correct raising/following number.

But be aware! CDNG needs a really powerfull edit system to work in reall time as every singe frame weights about 15MB.

Its the best quality you can get out of a X5S or X7 and we use it on most of our client work.
But if there is no real production budget for post production and colour grading then you'll be way better of with ProRes. As it needs way less edting power but will also deliver less dynamic range.

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