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AFC/AF Toggle not working on Smart controller
486 1 2019-4-3
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Currently, you have a toggle under settings to turn ON AFC, by default it's ON.  I prefer not to use it as I mainly shoot stills.  If you toggle the AFC slider to OFF, under both video and photo settings, the icon for AFC never changes to AF.  Instead is stays as AFC/MF.  This is exact same issue on the Crystalsky and I opened a case on that months ago.  Obviously it was not considered important.  

I don't believe your slider when off under Android is really TURNING AFC OFF, instead the AF still seems to behave at times as if AFC is still working, by displaying a large green box with dotted edges around the majority of the image on the screen.  Unlike true AF, where you only get a small solid box where you touch the screen.

I have turned both of the sliders to off under the camera settings tab on the smart controller.  Also, even if they are turned off, on a preboot or power cycle, they move back to ON.

For stills shooting, I prefer to hit my target once with the AF solid box, then switch to MF for the rest of the shoot.  This works as stated on any iOS device I use, but on Android it still seems to have problems.

Is there a way you could forward this to DJI engineers/software designers so that they could try to make a fix in the future?

Paul C
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I wonder if it’s the same issues we had with enabling the histogram.

We could slide rhe option across but it never stayed enabled.

Another user on here told us to try stabbing, ie pressing not sliding the option and it worked for us.

Perhaps give that a try?
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