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DJI "in the box" no charge cord for controller
327 3 2019-4-3
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Just got home from with my new Mavic Pro Platinum fly more combo.  

I live three hours from any city, so had been looking forward to this trip.  

Got home and there is no cord to be able to charge the controller.

The only cord with a USB end has the wrong micro end.  The one I got would have fit the controller for the spark (but I just sold that package to my brother), but the Mavic Pro Controller has a different type plug in.  

There were several short adapter chord, good for the Apple, the Samsung and the Motorola, but those are just connectors between the controller and mobile device.

So sad I just spend $1300 dollars and can't fly.  No time to get to town in the near future.  

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First Officer

My Mavic Pro Fly More combo had the correct cord to connect between the charger and the remote (USB - micro USB). Suggest that you contact your retailer.

When you finally obtain the correct cord it is a good idea to mark the micro USB connector (I used a dot of red nail polish) as it is easy to insert the connector upside down which damages the controller socket
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DJI Mindy
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Hi OK2bHappy, sorry to know the charging cable is not included, it would be better to contact your retailer first to see if they can send the cable to you, or please contact our support team for further assistance.
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Are you talking about the charging port on the side of the controller? It looks square but it takes the micro-USB end like cell phones. You just have to make sure you have it facing the correct orientation.
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