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Support and repair, lead-time and BS answers?
362 1 2019-4-4
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Hi fellow droners.

I have the RE goggles and I use them both for analog freestyle flying and with my Zoom2.
I have 2 issues with the goggles and 1 with DJI themselves

My 2 issues:
1. When flying with them in the analog mode, the picture image is not as sharp as I expect it to be.
This has also been confirmed by my son who has a set of cheap Eachine EV800D goggles, with a screen resolution of 800x480, those have a more crispier image on the same drones than my RE's.
This has been tested with several drones with the same image quality result.
The the picture starts to break up pretty quick on my RE's, but it comes and goes, the picture is never lost but there's lot of blur, not with the eachines though used in the same "free line of site max 80 meter in distance", conditions and at the same time.

2. After the goggles have locked on a frequency, but is the wrong one, it will not continue to scan when pressing the auto scan function.
This means the other drones must be switched of when I want to find the picture from my drone.
If I manually put in the frequency, it will work, but the frequency is not always known.

First question to you guys, is this normal behaviour in the analog mode, and is the picture quality worse on these than on a pair with 800x480?
Also will the auto-scan not do anything after being locked into a signal when re-pressed?

For information, I have used the DJI antenna's on both the goggles and drones, I have also replaced them with other pagodas, but the result is always the same.

The issue with DJI.
I send them in for repair, this after the support suggested I do so after my fault description.
The feedback from the tech-repair guy, this is a no fault found case, BUT, they want to send for a special equipment for deeper investigation, not sure what that is.
Even tough this is a no foult found according to themselves, why all this effort??
This will take an additional 2 weeks before it arrives and then the investigation will restart. They've had these goggles now for close to a month, I have asked for a replacement since they are still under warranty, but then they want me to pay the invoice they send, but the invoice is set to 0, and no further explanation of how much I should pay or why since this is a warranty claim.
So I just asked the question if this behaviour of the goggles is considered to be normal, and from there the answers have stopped from DJI support.

Second question:
Is this level of support what I can expect from these guys?

Fly safe!
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Hi PJ-Swede, you have our sincere apologies for the unpleasant experience with our customer support team and the repair services. I've pulled up your case number using your Forum account. I will formally ask and call the attention of the team that we might possibly help us with your case. You will be contacted with 24 to 48 hours for the needed updates. Thank you for your patience.
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