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Cendence standard antenna
522 1 2019-4-5
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United States

Broke one of my standard antennas on my cendence controller for Matrices 210. I can not find a replacement and DJI says they have none to replace it with. Can anyone please help me find one?!?? Thank you!!
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United Kingdom

You can only get one from the repair centre, I broke one of mine and had to send the entire unit with the broken antenna?? The cost is amazing, £26 to send then £101.48 to repair and send back! The part is £11. They will not supply the antenna without the unit...see if I get mine back or someone else’s...pure utter madness and they have no intention of making them available either! Makes you wonder.. €50 service fee €30 postage €12:40 antenna then %21 vat..a total disgrace when all I needed was 1 antenna. The problem is there is no other antenna that will fit the Cendence so they know they have you by the balls.
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