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YAW P4P v2 Drift My Fix... Maybe Yours Too
3706 4 2019-4-6
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So no need explaining the "P4P v2 YAW Drift" as can be found on either Inspires, Mavics and Phantoms in a simple forum search but the majority are the P4P v2.

My fix was to demagnitize my compass(s) and also my gimbal motors. I used a strong magnet from an old IDE hdd but obviously any strong magnet should work.

I circled in small 8's a few times around and under the two front sensors and also the gimbal about 2 inch away no closer.

When you turn on you will see compass error and if you look at the values they will be way out of wack.

Get the magnet far away and also the normal interference considerations because you will be resetting the values from out of range so you want the best for your location.

Run a normal compass calibration then power off power on and run the compass calibration again after full boot even if says not needed.

Power off / Power back on, let boot and should be no error. Look at values of compass.... mine are at low values under 5 and stay steady now when they fluctuated more before.

Now when I fly or hover it stays just as solid as my P3P did. I tested over the last two weeks over 10 flights a week for a large sample size of test flights to be absolutely sure.

Makes a really big difference flying a true fix so hopefully this will help a few others with the dreaded P4P v2 YAW Drift...
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That's awesome that you may have found the elusive fix for this problem. Keep us posted on future flights and if you notice any of the yaw drift returning.
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Mark Weiss
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I would think that you would need an alternating magnetic field, such as that found with a bulk tape eraser or a large degaussing coil for color TV servicing. It may be that you magnetized the compass just the right amount to compensate for an offset. I wouldn't recommend bringing any magnet near the avionics on this a/c.
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Airport Dog
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I second that on the magnet near the avionics. Asking for trouble.
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I am thinking about getting v2... Can someone else confirm that this worked?
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