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Camera wheel speed problem.
272 1 4-7 09:16
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Notice a strange problem on my Mavic 2 Pro.
I set a speed movement of the camera wheel to very slow. And when I just fly and turn the camera wheel its indeed very slow (like I need), BUT as soon I start recording, the speed of the wheel changes to default or fast (not good for me).

I feel that I miss something, but could not figure out that.

So my questions are :
1) Did I miss something and thete is 2 setting for camera wheel speed ? Just flying and while recording?
2) is it a bug ?
3) if its not a bug, but a feature.... why , oh why DJI did that?

Thank you in advance for help.
4-7 09:16
Use props
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I would try taking off first, start recording, set it in a hover, then change the camera wheel speed and see if that does the trick.
4-8 07:14
Use props
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